MasterOfSqueeze recomendado por Jobber415 (18/9/2018)

This was a great match. Firstly MasterOfSqueeze is reallygood looking and keeps himself in great shape. He's naturally dominant, and was at complete ease working me over with an array of powerful scissor holds for a long session. I put up as much resistance as I could but got completely worn down and, by the end, he had me submitting at will. A highly recommended heel.


grapplingguy recomendado por builtbod (18/9/2018)

Meeting up and wrestling around with grapplingguy for hours had to be one of my best experiences ever on a mat. Nick is a superior a guru of the sport..and a gentleman in everyway possible...tall and lean and strong as an ox...tuff to move...more like impossible...willing to share whatever he could and made me learn more in so many ways from the challenge.
I was one of six guys taking the dude on one on one...for about 2 and a half hours of fun with a flood of sweat in the room requiring us to dry off the matts over and over. No matter how much he subbed you out..he never made you feel inadequate or incapable of wanting to go another round. During the last half hour of the session...there was only myself and another wrestler left in the he took us both on two on one...and still kicked our asses..LOL
Highly recommend him to anyone at any level...don't pass him up...cant wait to meet up with him again when he is my area next time


RugbyBoy recomendado por wolf89 (18/9/2018)

Well what can I say? I had almost no chance against this guy. He is incredibly strong with plenty of skills. We had a really fun time wrestling in Liverpool, where he took the time to drive to just for this match - appreciate it mate. A very friendly and nice guy off the mats, who ties you up in knots and laughs you in the face. :D
Thanks for the great time man, I will see you next time and I promise you, you won’t get away this easily again. ;)


chubbyjudo recomendado por wolf89 (18/9/2018)

Had a great bout with Neil during my stay in Liverpool. I had quite a struggle with him, he’s quite a strong and skilled guy. Very nice and casual off wrestling, as well as a tough opponent on the mats. I can sincerely recommend him for anyone visiting the area.
Thanks for a great and fun roll man, see you again next time ;)


sisuperman recomendado por builtbod (18/9/2018)

well I was never one for getting into group matches unless I knew and wrestled before with the other guys involved...but I figured it might be wise to get out of my comfort zone and go for a shot at sisuperman's(Frank's) invitation to meet up with grapplingguy and 5 other guys..of which I only knew one of them.. for a match at his place. What a host frank question about it..he manged to create the perfect wrestling environment in a private space in his Condo building with top of the line mats with enough room for a half a dozen or more guys to go at it hard. the place had lockers and showers... was adjacent to an awesome gym...which if I had the time..i would have gotten a late night workout in while overlooking the ny skyline..who could ask for more.

Keep me in mind for future events Frank...its like going on a wrestling mini vacation


hostilius3 recomendado por guillotine (18/9/2018)

Hostilius 3 est un vrai combattant ne vous fiez pas à son allure il est bien musclé sa pratique de sport d’endurance le rend encore plus coriace
Un bel adversaire et un réel plaisir de lutter avec lui
Il ne lache rien et il sait que son endurance peut payer

J’ai résisté cette fois je sais que l’espoir fait vivre ...
Il me tarde vite la revanche


dadwrestle recomendado por minichub7 (18/9/2018)

Fantastic time wrestling this absolute beast
Arrived right on time and had a friendly chat before hitting the mats and damn i was outclassed
Brilliant learning experience. 2 hours of sweaty submission and i think i can safely say that i didn't stand a chance
Highly recommended


grapplingguy recomendado por gymrat (18/9/2018)

Gapplingguy was the "main attraction" at a group/tourney held with 6 participants last night in Jersey City, in a large room with mats. We essentially took turns, mostly against GG, but also against each other.

Grapplingguy is a serious BJJ grappler - living up to his screen name well. Through the evening he showed his mastery not just of holds and submission moves, but of how to use balance, position, stance and time strategically. Chess on the mats. He's also 180# of tall, lean muscle and can control opponents extremely well. Fun, (and funny!), on and off the mats.

Thanks to him for helping each of us with our technique, wrestling to our levels (well below his!) and in fact even stopping in the middle to say "so what is he doing wrong?" :-) A youtube tutorial com to life.

Highly recommended for serious grapplers or those wishing top learn.


EssexUK Brit Pro recomendado por Lonwrst (18/9/2018)

I really enjoyed meeting up for a great Brit pro session in the Grove Park ring. We had chatted for several weeks before to build up the scene and to ensure we both knew what each other were looking for and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
A great build with a level of fitness to match (which I would envy at his age!) and an infectious enthusiasm made for an excellent session.
I felt very comfortable throughout the session and it really ticked all my boxes.
A lovely guy who I recommend.


mlevitr recomendado por georgemuscle (18/9/2018)

great arm wrestler and fun time !!!!