RollingRollingRolling recomendado por Londonlatino (22/3/2019)

He's very experienced & very skilled. I'm certainly not in the same league as him & I've met few who are. Highly recommended for those who take their wrestling seriously & want to learn a lot.


Volkman80 recomendado por CTbruiser (22/3/2019)

Had a great meet with Volkman80 today. He surprised me with his moves. Yes, he has some so watch out. I was trapped several times but managed to escape---mostly. He is an honorable guy, showed up on time and we went for 2 hours. He learned my weak points and took full advantage as any opponent should. We will meet again to be sure! He is a nice guy off the mats too. The conversation was excellent. Overall a great match.


Marcofighter recomendado por youngfighter89 (22/3/2019)

I had my first fight on this site with Marcofighter and I really enjoyed it. He is a very nice guy and, even though he is a much more experienced wrestler than me, he made me feel safe at every moment. He knows what he does and always plays fair. I enjoyed the match a lot. I tried hard to make him submit but in the end he was able to get me where he wanted when he wanted. We will definitely meet again for a second bout. Perhaps next time I can win him!


Gabe Steel recomendado por dcwrestler (22/3/2019)

What more is there to say about Gabe? He and I locked up during a recent trip to Florida, and boy am I glad we did. He's every bit as strong as he looks, and knows exactly how to prolong each and every hold to maximize its effectiveness. I'm no featherweight, but he lifted me with ease repeatedly, keeping me in torture racks or tossing me back onto the mats. If you're lucky enough to get the upper hand on him at any point, he also is able to take punishment just as well as he dishes it out. If you ever cross paths with him, do yourself a favor and reach out for a match.


BlueWrestler21 recomendado por jonny innocent (22/3/2019)

Had a great holiday wrestle with BlueWrestler21. He was a cool guy, both to wrestle and to chat with.

As an opponent he is determined and committed. He was straight in there at 100% and there was no way he was gonna let me get the better of him: he didn't back down at any point during the meet.

Within reason, of course. He was plainly out for fun and managed to provide plenty of it too.

We had to change our arrangements because of his work, but he was very flexible and ended up coming straight over.

We had a proper battle with hard fought submissions and I hope to get another helping of that before I leave the island.


dcwrestler recomendado por Gabe Steel (22/3/2019)

Man I had a lot of fun with this guy I’m glad we met . Had a lot of back and forth he is strong and skilled . We worked each other over for hours none of us giving in . Awesome host and great wrestler . Would definitely jump at the chance to wrestle this stud anytime . If you want a good match with a guy whom suffers well and can dish it right back he’s your guy definitely a cutie but don’t let that fool you he is vicious when the match starts . Easy going guy to talk to off the mats a must wrestle . Steel says awesomeness


DenverWrestler recomendado por Mad Grappler T (22/3/2019)

It was a pleasure to meet this MF legend... +650 past opponents is so amazing...
Denver is such a cool man.. he complains a lot about his lack of skills but he compensates the situation with a huge strength... he always comes back for more... he got pretty strong scissors... once he catch you he keep pushing and pushing... he likes some trash talk fromtime to time... specially when he is in control of the match..
Thanks for the visit and the time we fought..
big hugsss


smoothfitatl recomendado por atlantawrestles (22/3/2019)

I was smoothfit's first match from this site. He is just starting his journey in the wrestling community as a reliable and enthusiastic participant, and he looks forward to gaining skill with more opportunities in the coming months.


DenverWrestler recomendado por Jobber Gym (22/3/2019)

DenverWrestler was everything I have expected. Strong, very skilled technically, fun and tough. Great physique and a great grappler too, with a long long experience in MeetFighters: close to 700 past opponents!!.
Very nice guy off mats. Worth meeting for sure! Just hope that next time I spent more time sitting on him ;-)
Thanks for everything!!


Londonlatino recomendado por RollingRollingRolling (22/3/2019)

I originally met London Latino at an early Manchester meeting and I was impressed by the wrestling skills and tenacity of this light weight specialist. He is also a good person off the mats, and we became friends. We have met and kept in touch since. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.