Wrestlg recomendado por Mark uk (08/8/2011)

Finally got the opportunity to take down Glenn again in NYC. Ok, he took me down again. Just! A very skilled wrestler and cool guy. If you coming to NYC look him up. Up for a rematch when I return to nyc anytime.


NYwrestlerman recomendado por Mark uk (08/8/2011)

6 Aug 2011. Had my third match with young jason and still a blast to be with. Respectful and polite this guy is a dream to meet.... looking forward to the 4th match. Gets better every time i meet him. If your local or in the area give him a shot. cheers mark


sgboxerkid recomendado por growin dude (07/8/2011)

Beyond the real deal! Don't let the six pack fool you, dude definitely has an animal mode. Nonchalantic especially when he found out I was having my first gut punchin! Wish I was trained better to find out about the true beast within the muscle gentleman! If you are into striking, boxing, you gotta take him on when in SG! Maybe a wrassle in the future eh ?


ozboxer recomendado por tigered (07/8/2011)

Chris is one of the strongest, best and most technical boxers I have met with over the years - a great guy, good attitude, aggressive and sane and can push the limits. A good regular mate as well.


Oilman recomendado por Superfly (07/8/2011)

Wrestled with Adam yesterday and have to say he held his own against a heavier opponent. Dominated him first round without oil. Round two, with oil, totally different! (never tried oil) the stakes was now the same despite my size. Adam really knew how wriggle out of holds I was attempting. He even got a few subs and he's stubborn. Great wrestle, def will wrestle in oil again. If you are into oil, wrestle Adam- I know I will def again.


Superfly recomendado por Oilman (06/8/2011)

When we met, Superfly wasted no time in acquainting me with his considerable repertoire of scissors, pins, chokes etc. He even offered to try out his Death Grip on me!

Joking apart though he really is a fun guy to wrestle who nevertheless likes it intense and competitive.

Needless to say he got one tapout after another from me and it wasn't until we decided to add some oil that I got the chance to get a little bit of my own back. Notice I say 'little'!

He is now a convert to oil lovers should seriously watch out.......

Great wrestle.....let's hit the tarp again soon.......


lustgp recomendado por krak85 (06/8/2011)

Easy-going, friendly guy, must see for every gut-puncher: had awesome 2h session. Pushing his limits is a lot of fun. Looling forward to another meeting!


krak85 recomendado por lustgp (06/8/2011)

He is a very nice guy. Looks inconspicuous but he is really strong for his size. Whats most important to me he is a creative and very skilfull gutpuncher.


midblue recomendado por lusowrestler (06/8/2011)

Fit and skilled wrestler. The best at pro, but also holds his own in other styles. Heel at heart, but can sell a good jobber, if you manage to outwrestle his huge arsenal of moves and tactics. Don't let that smile fool you, the guy is a tough and smart opponent. But also very respectful and safe. Outside the mats, a great guy to be around, very honest and friendly. A sure bet for a great wrestle!


speedowrestle recomendado por Blitzkrieg (06/8/2011)

Definitely a pleasant surprise when I saw Speedowrestle enter the room geared up for grapple. A nice, fun and hot grapple that would be worth repeating. Very good and fun experience.