benhard63 recomendado por DenverWrestler (17/5/2014)

I knew the moment that Benhard told me that he grew up on a farm that he would be a tough opponent! I have met 'farmboys' in the USA and Germany, and they always have a very strong grip, strong wrists, and strong forearms. Benhard is also strong throughout his body and has plenty of energy and endurance. He has a good wrestling space and he was a very gracious, friendly, and extremely nice host. Any wrestlers near Liege should not miss the chance to meet him, and I certainly hope to meet him as soon as possible again. If you are looking for a very nice guy, a very tough wrestler, and a great host, you must contact him!


libertine109 recomendado por law306 (17/5/2014)

Had a chance to meet with libertine109 while visiting Toronto. It's hard to find someone who's into my gut punching fetish and even harder to find someone with great abs. He's a super nice guy and can take a lot of beating. He's also reliable and trustworthy, if he says he's going to show he will. I hope to see him again, either in Toronto or in Vancouver. If you get a chance to meet him, do it.


hardfitsub recomendado por borets (17/5/2014)

Paul is well worth meeting despite being a relative novice. Strong determined and full of stamina he was a pleasure to wrestle. Charming bloke off the mats too !


Wrestlertoo recomendado por ImtiazAli (16/5/2014)

Well Wrestlertoo got in touch a while back, and we have mobile chatted and Skyped, for hours. Met in Bradford on Wednesday 5th March 2014, and staying with him until Friday, so thank you for being very accommodating.

A fun, four hours afternoon of my first pool wrestling and rope wrestling, and I'm no stranger to mat wrestling - all submission style.

A smart, interesting and confident man. Well, quite a strong and a skilled wrestler, equipped with some deadly legs. :-) Certainly talks the talk and walks the bloody walk! :-) Blood marks to prove it, despite Wrestlertoo's injuries! - Always safe and sane, at all times.

We also wrestled on Friday 7th March 2014. Mat submission wrestling. I was mainly in the defensive guard throughout. Effective moves taught. Warm up and then stretching techniques shown - pictures token. Thank you for the wrestling DVD and black singlet with inverted blue and red strips gift. Well thank you for everything. Basically for looking after me! :-)

I got to meet Wrestlertoo again on Thursday 17th April 2014 and Wednesday 14th May 2014, at John Cotterill's house. We carried on the submission wrestling, and stretching training with some added boxing training. All I can say is, he will become a good wrestler one day, LOL! No, I'm joking... A great wrestler and a real interesting guy.


razorfish recomendado por wrestler2000 (16/5/2014)

Razorfish is a very easy going and relaxed guy.
Communication with him is straight forward and uncomplicated.
He showed up at the agreed time and location and is absolutely reliable and trustworthy.
Wrestling with him is tough, but safe. And he makes sure that it is fun all the times.
One of the finest wrestlers you can find on this site.
Recommended to everybody.


COACH recomendado por BodybuildingEric (16/5/2014)

Coach is super strong and, despite my big muscles, he dominated me with ease, one submission hold after another after another! He respects limits and is very friendly and accommodating. Plus, he's very hot. ;) If you are visiting Toronto, be sure to ask him for a match, you will be glad you did!


Colossus Fire recomendado por man wrestle (16/5/2014)



FighterGuyy recomendado por evenmatch (16/5/2014)

Peter is the perfect, built, sparring buddy. His skills are at a very high level. He is quick to take advantage of any mistake. Because he is so skilled, he is the perfect partner for any level wrestler. An outstanding, fun, time.


wrestlerplace recomendado por FrankfurtGrappling (15/5/2014)

Delighted to meet this ambitious Spanish guy. Had great time wrestling and rolling and great conversation too. Looking forward to a re-match. Definitely recommend.


krak85 recomendado por Umlaut (15/5/2014)

This guy is amazing... Quick and strong, always pinning you and fixing you with various holds. And an enrichment to talk with beside the mat. Highest recommendation! :-)