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Beginner boxer interested in boxing matches and judo.



  1. Espanha, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
    Place of residence
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Altura / Peso

Idade: 49 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 168 cm, 76 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: Espanhol, Inglês

Vestuário: Gi, shorts, singlet

Boxe Boxe
Judô Judô

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BCNBOXER recomendado por ozboxer

He is the best!!!! A great and strong and tough boxer, whom I am lucky to have boxed with on several occasions, and I would happily travel the world again to box him!
A great guy and a formidable opponent!
Test yourself, see if you can take him on!!!!



BCNBOXER recomendado por tapout

musclegladiator no pudo luchar por estar lesionado pero se encontró conmigo para tomar algo,y conversar. Una persona muy agradable - mismo se podría ser diferente en un ring :-)



BCNBOXER recomendado por britboxer28

A great great guy. Strong muscled boxer who knows his stuff in the ring and a superb host.



BCNBOXER recomendado por beatdowntime

one of the most fun matches i've had, strong and tough and a great guy!



BCNBOXER recomendado por Boxingmarco

Don't miss to meet this perfect gentleman off the mat and superb fighter when boxing and on the mat. Meet him, you'll enjoy every second. I would be happy to meet him again.



BCNBOXER recomendado por bikercowboybrawler

A very tuff, strong and bastard guy to fight with (GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!) and yet a very gentle and nice.
A real friend.



BCNBOXER recomendado por wrestling coach

A very strong formidable opponent. Alas the Barcelo is too small and not safe enough to go balls2wall fighting. We needed a mat or ring. He is definitely the most powerful of all the =<5'7"/200# dudes I have faced. He has many varied fighting skills as well. I eagerly look forward to matching up with him again soon. He is a perfect gentleman, and does carry himself humbly like the real no-nonsense gladiator he is. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to roll with him for a short period.



BCNBOXER recomendado por JasonOG

strong and skilled fighter, who fight to win - but always fair. we have had a hard match til exhaustion. whoever likes powerful wrestling, he is the right adress for this.



BCNBOXER recomendado por JUDOMARS

THE BEST FIGHTER MEET EVER. He simply submited me... well, me too I submited him, but he done more often times.. So I really need to fight him again, and beat him. Great guy (and handsome...), and fully strong, just try armwrestling with him, you will see... anyway, I had great (!) times with him. He is kind of fighter I need to meet and fight several times, cause it is a never ending story between 2 fighters, 2 males, who wanna be the Top one.



BCNBOXER recomendado por Jorgefighter

VERY strong fighter, but kind and gentleman enough to adapt his level to his rival's one. Deffo worth a meeting... or two... or more!