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Been wrestling for a couple of years now. I'm open to most types of wrestling. If you're curious just ask. I do like the competition of wrestling although I prefer there be some erotic elements to it. I'm not necessarily a beginner in terms of number of matches I've had but I'm not formally trained other than some things taught during matches. I am willing and wanting to learn new styles. Please don't just send those challenge requests. They're informal and are weird to respond to. I more than likely won't respond.



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Idade: 30 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 175 cm, 73 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: Inglês

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Cirrolis recomendado por Will the wrestler

I had a good time with Cirrolis. We had a great match with lots of good holds and intensity. The other recommendations are right, he has strong legs and does a good scissor hold. He's also a friendly guy who can hold an intelligent conversation which I appreciated.



Will the wrestler recomendado por Cirrolis

Hospitable and friendly host. Had a great time on and off the mats.



Cirrolis recomendado por btjobber

I met with Cirrolis today and had a really fun give/take match. He is a great guy with really strong legs!! I had a blast wrestling with him and look forward to future matches!



Cirrolis recomendado por Bill Parker

Great match. Fun opponent who took a lot of abuse and gave a lot back. Had an awesome time.



Bill Parker recomendado por Cirrolis

Great guy. We've been talking about a match a couple of years now but couldn't ever meet when I was in town until now. Very hospitable and fun wrestler.



Cirrolis recomendado por Xjunito

Had an awesome time with stud. A great guy with strong legs. Can't wait for the rematch!



Xjunito recomendado por Cirrolis

Long time coming for a match and he didn't disappoint. Strong with a wide range of holds. Definitely another match needed.



Cirrolis recomendado por Nerdy wrestler

I met with cirrolis for a match and I was not dissapointed. He is really nice and an overall great guy. He was more than willing to help me learn a thing or two at first, and then we went at it in a fun promission match. He is tough and flexible making it very easy for him to own me the way he did. He made me tap over and over while I got home tap about three times. I hope to meet with him again and I highly recommend him as an opponent.



Nerdy wrestler recomendado por Cirrolis

I haven't really taught anybody to wrestle before as I still consider myself a beginner but he picked it up like a sponge. Gave some basic techniques and we just went at it for a couple of hours. I'd just have some fun during the match and practice some holds of my own. Just by having different holds done to him, he was able to then turn around and perform them on me on the fly. Caught me completely off guard at times. With some more matches under his belt I think he'll be a force to be reckoned with. Highly recommended and hope to meet up again some time.



Cirrolis recomendado por midwest wrestle

Have wrestled Cirrolis twice most recently in LA. Nice guy and good host. Fun to wrestle and always puts up a fight (even though he usually loses to me). :)



midwest wrestle recomendado por Cirrolis

One of the earliest opponents I wrestled, I think 4 years ago now when i was living in Florida. Had another match again a couple months ago, this time in LA. Never disappoints. Has a great selection of moves to keep the match interesting. Sure he's beaten me both times (by a significant margin) but that cockiness causes him to lose a sub here and there. Definitely recommend and always up for another match



Cirrolis recomendado por B3Wrestle

Had a good time wrestling Cirrolis. Good wrestler with great stamina. Pervious comments dont lie about his legs they are quite strong. I was more amazed with how flexible this guy was. There was no way to make him break!! Look him up if your in LA



Cirrolis recomendado por trent1978

Would def recommend. Small but tough. Had a great time. Need a rematch!



Cirrolis recomendado por Mark uk

19 April 2013. Met Ryan today and had a blast. Tough little guy who keeps coming back for more. Don't let his size fool you as this guy has awesome scissors. Surprisingly he stayed on the mats with me for 4 hours. Impressive guy and learns quickly. Great guy, friendly on and off the mats. Def a few return matches coming up. 10/10



Mark uk recomendado por Cirrolis

Great guy. Tones it down to your level so even with a big weight difference is still safe but still makes it tough to make it a fun match.