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Up for fun wrestling anybody?

Whether you win or loose, it's all part of the game. Personally, I'm novice but I would love to kick few asses or get kicked (never mind).

If you reside in Bangalore or nearby or visiting, please feel free to reach out to me.

I had always fantasized wrestling and watching it turns me on since childhood. Though it is hard in reality, still I am up for the challenge.



  1. Índia, Bengaluru
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Idade: 33 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 180 cm, 80 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: Hindu, Inglês

Vestuário: Briefs only

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When I opened the door to receive Rehann, I was pleasantly surprised to see a much bigger man that I had expected. He's a handsome, tall, polite guy, and chatting with him was fun. Within a few minutes, we started our Lift and Carry session. I was very pleased at the ease with which he lifted me over his shoulders and in his arms in various positions. To add to my excitement, I also had the pleasure of feeling up his big, hard biceps. Rehann had initially suggested that we should also do some competitive wrestling, but I guess he seemed to enjoy the lifting part so much that a wrestling match was forgotten. We both agreed that one cannot truly realise the pleasure and excitement of a Lift and Carry session unless one actually does it.
It was wonderful meeting Rehann, and I'm sure I'll meet him on all my trips to Bangalore. We connected, both - for the session, and as friends. Wonderful guy to spend time with. Definitely recommended :)



liftmeinyourarms recomendado por rehann13


It was fun meeting this guy for a lift and carry session. He's lighter in weight n easy to lift him. He adjusts to the body position. At first, I was skeptic about how the lift and carry would be like, but nevertheless I decided to give it a go. I went to the hotel he lived in, while he was at Bangalore. As I knocked at his door, he opened it with a smile, wearing a vest which read 'No Pain No Gain'. I went in and with in few minutes, we started our lift n carry. At first it was exhausting but later I got used to lifting him. Tried various lifts like shoulder lift, bear hug, etc. It was a great calorie burning exercise personally. He's a very friendly chap who keeps the conversation going. Thanks for letting me lift you mate!! We will meet again.



rehann13 recomendado por WrestleMania 88

Finally met him after a long chat..very friendly guy with good attitude..we met for a quick Wrestling and the match was undecided , so looking to meet him soon to get know who is strong :) we spend good time together....he is a good fellow on and off the mat.. recommened to meet him if u r in Bangalore



WrestleMania 88 recomendado por rehann13

Gracious host. Met him after long chat. Though I had less time, we had a 3 round match. Our fight was head to head with no clear winner. But it was fun to get our heads locked to test our strength. Pulling each other down to pin. Post match, Pritam was hospitable n talks kept us engaged. Will definitely meet him again for sure for better bout.



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