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Genuine retired professional guy- here who loves resisting/holding out to real experienced more dominant top types All sleepers,,scissors ,fig4 headscissor smothers / face pins crabs especially. Like to see what collegiate and folkstyle is all about in addition as we do not really get this style over here and again love to resist hot vines spladles, guillotines etc . same with Boston crabs and all its variations which I have never experienced, so seeking an experienced type to show me.
long slow mat based matches to submission/pin and or emission safe erotic. Sorry NO gut work, but nipple working/face sitting experts a plus!
like to frustrate your cockiness with my resistance and dirty tactics!
travel in
2019 ; San Diego March 28th - April 4th, Palm Springs 4-8th April, 8th - 15th April Philadelphia

A proper message assures reply about connecting please. no just" challanges" thank you
totally genuine here



  1. United Kingdom, Woking
    South East England
  2. USA - California, San Diego
    (Estarei aqui entre 28/3/2019 e 04/4/2019)
    San Diego
  3. USA - California, Palm Springs
    (Estarei aqui entre 04/4/2019 e 08/4/2019)
    Palm Springs
  4. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
    (Estarei aqui entre 08/4/2019 e 15/4/2019)
  5. United Kingdom, Leeds
    (Estarei aqui entre 21/2/2019 e 26/2/2019)
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Idade: 68 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 173 cm, 92 kg

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Kayden recomendado por submissive50uk

Met Kayden recently in Boston
incredibly strong -knows his holds and legs of steel
can get a bit rough if you can take it-I couldn't!
meet this guy if you get a chance, there are few better!



squeezerian recomendado por submissive50uk

great guy and very amiable off the mat but a real heel on it keep out of the way of his legs!



UKThunder88 recomendado por submissive50uk

Met Master of Squeeze for a couple of matches recently, fast paced with holds/smothers quickly applied and changed, then a slower paced one with slow long scissors intensly applied etc.he is truly dominant–
have to say this guy has thighs and glutes of steel, the moment you are trapped in his head scissor variations his thighs seem to bulge with steel power, and despite my trying to escape or hold out was soon made his total sub..
His face smothers are equally expertly and well applied with glutes of steel he seemed to be able to trap me in just the exact position to cut off all breath and i began to struggle mightily to no avail and tapped many times in panic.!..
he is just as he says on the tin : a master of squeeze... ( and I do mean squeeze)!

Met Tom again yesterday. (Sunday 28thMay). totally dominant, wore me down completely with his powerful scissors and smothers. Simply, simply the best....



submissive50uk recomendado por sockvid

Had a good time with Kevin, and practised a few of my holds, though he's only just started on his journey wrestling, he left very happy,



sockvid recomendado por submissive50uk

great match with this heavy guy although i could not counter his weight he applied splits vines etc whist also applying dirty stakes A great guy very hospitable



submissive50uk recomendado por Warkscub

Had a good meet with Kevin with some fun, slow paced ground grappling.
As he says he loves resisting holds and really makes you work for any hold or submission.
I had a big height and weight advantage which came in very handy!
A genuinely nice, friendly guy as well so happy to recommend him.



Warkscub recomendado por submissive50uk

Great match with Warkscub, he really knows his holds and pins and even more how to use his superior weight! wore met out well even in long slow matwork!
very friendly as well