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MeetFighers.com é uma rede social e sipe pessoal para pessoas quem compartilham interesse em alguma coisa relacionada à wrestling, luta ou pessoas que façam isso

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“Having been a monitor on Globalfight for some time I have to say that this site is perhaps the best and most rapidly growing there is! The fact that it is free is perhaps the biggest incentive to log into it, but I'd say that most importantly it's the good attitude and great vibes that it has towards all it's members. Very user friendly and accommodating without it being "big brotherish". For sure the site to check when visiting or contacting wrestlers in Europe specially! I myself am using this site to book my wrestling matches almost exclusively these days.Great work by the webmaster/s. Can't wait to follow its development!....thanks so very much for creating a worthy place for all of us who love wrestling or combat sports in their many forms!

Ricotewrestler, Segunda, 18 de Fevereiro de 2013