vtdayton recomendado por Patrick63 (19/9/2018)

Super nice guy. He’s a lot of fun to roll around with.


tenacity recomendado por nywrestler (19/9/2018)

had a awesome time wrestling with tenacity, he is hot, fun and aggressive, cant wait to meet again!


RuffEnuff recomendado por gymrat (19/9/2018)

RuffEnuff is .. among other things, RuffEnough. I though i could easily handle myself, but this guy not only knows what he's doing, but really surprised me with his strength and determination. We battled - pretty seriously for well over an hour, as i struggled to keep up with him and learn. Damn young guys have stamina.

Beyond the wrestling, RuffENough is just a good guy, and a good looking guy. I really enjoyed talking with him on various topics. Too bad we didn't have more time to socialize. He's very careful and considerate, but balances that with ferocity if he thinks its appropriate.

highly recommended! The real deal and a down to earth person you might want to meet either way!

Round 2 second match
First, this guy is just a good guy. respectful, interesting. And devious :-) We just rolled for almost 2 ½ hours - neither of us quite willing to give up anything despite claiming we'd "take it easy". That lasted a few seconds. Maybe. RuffEnuff is deceptively strong, especially his legs, and seems to have infinite endurance.

We spent some time moving (sorta) smoothly from hold to hold ingraining speed or in my case, less slowness. Great fun form a young, strong, hyper-competitive, and yet so friendly guy.

Great workout too - who needs gyms and cardio the you've got this Tuff machine? Don't miss an enjoyable time. And don't turn your back :-)

Round 3:
Last minute match that just happened to work out for both of us. As usual 2+ hours of extremely competitive (stubborn?) rolling, interspersed with technical drills/ practice which quickly degenerated into more fighting :-) We're like two 14 year olds the crap out of each other while laughing.

I continue to marvel at his deceptive strength and speed. I have simply learned about his competitive nature. It's why rolling with RuffEnuf is so fun, and such a great workout (who needs to be a gymrat when you have this?)

As usual, the post match conversation was almost as enjoyable as the actual rolling, and far less exhausting.

–>There's a round 4 but i'm out of space here!!! Fun!
The more we roll the more his high school skill shows....and his age.


Tanker recomendado por readyforit (19/9/2018)

Met Tanker in a group meet and stepped into the ring as he challenged me for a bout. I pretended to look cool and unbothered but wasn’t sure how I’d cope with such a strong and heavier wrestler. Clinging on to him for dear life and waiting for an opportunity to grab a limb and twist it until he tapped seemed a good idea. On the mats Tanker is totally safe and sane. So I’d suggest even lighter wrestlers should challenge him.
Off the mats he is great company and a pleasure to be with.


sisuperman recomendado por gymrat (19/9/2018)

Second meet-up, Sept 17th 2018:
Now I've seen Jersey City's wrestling host put on the show. Sisuperman had 5 of us over for a round-robin style match. Really nice facility, quality mats, big room, space for all of us, showers, nice. He made sure that we would not be bothered. The event itself - with Grapplingguy, Ruffenuf, biceplovr, NJrassler and me was terrific - with Grapplingguy basically holding class on a bunch of (relative) crash test dummies. :-)

If you are invited to his place, take him up. If you are interested in arranging a fun night of wrestling - adn want a super facility and gracious host - look up Sisuperman. He's a real fan of the sport.

Back in July....
I met SIsuperman yesterday. Due to some injuries, he couldn't show me any moves (I need the tips!), but we scouted out the facilities that he sometimes makes available (clean, spacious), and went through some training fundamentals (As Jeff C says, we "put the science back in training") to protect him from injury and protect his injured back.

Super nice guy, a real fan of wrestling, and interested in helping others with logistics - and experiencing wrestling variously until all my tips take hold :-)

Just an honest wrestling fan and nice guy. Look him up if you need a place to wrestle.


small power house recomendado por hephaestion2014 (18/9/2018)

I have wanted to wrestle for a while and finally had the chance. Felt at ease as soon as we met. A solid, no nonsense wrestle, really stretched me but was fun at the same time.

I didnt see him at full strength as playing down to my level but was a great enjoyable tussle. I think i may have caused a bead of sweat to form on his brow.

But genuinely I cant recommend highly enough. Safe, strong, sane and happy to give tips. I look forward to many more matches in the future.

A definite power house!
A must wrestle and must meet.


DenverWrestler recomendado por QuinnUK (18/9/2018)

He came, he saw....he coughed. Unfortunately Denverwrester was getting over a bad cold when we met so the match did not realise its full potential. Even so it was still massive fun wrestling this fit and skilled guy during one of his London visits. We shall hook up again when he is next back and fully fit. At that point it will be all out war. I can’t wait. This man is an easy recommendation. Meet him. If you can.


Elkersgc recomendado por Ericwrestle2 (18/9/2018)

This guy is the best. I can’t give him a high enough recommendation. He is in great shape and awesome to wrestle. Off the Matt he is great to talk to and all around great man. Don’t miss out if he reaches out. Looking forward to round two.


Royalb recomendado por WPB-Muscle (18/9/2018)

Was a few years ago, but impressionable it seems like yesterday. Great body and fun to wrestle, great to talk to. Wanting for more.


WPB-Muscle recomendado por Royalb (18/9/2018)

WPB is a rassler's rassler! He knows the moves and holds for sure. He'll give you a good workout. And that body, wow, looks much younger than it is! Seek this stud out and rassle him. No regrets, I promise.