Mike86 recomendado por newyorkchicago1122 (23/6/2017)

Talks a lot of trash and does follow through. Got my ass handed, but a really fun match. Great guy off the mats as well


athleticwrestle recomendado por Inthegut2 (23/6/2017)

Athleticwrestle was def a hot stud and had a great match with him about 2 years back. Too bad we live far apart. Would def be one of my regulars, dont pass up a chance to meet him!


mrboondock8 recomendado por Inthegut2 (23/6/2017)

Definitely a chill dude and def enjoyed meeting uo with him! Def makes for a great jobber and knows how to take a punch! Handsome, funny, and cool dude to be around, looking forward to many more matches


newyorkchicago1122 recomendado por Mike86 (23/6/2017)

He and I had a fun match while I was visiting Chicago. He's solid and can take a lot of punishment. Definitely recommend him!


Eagle2009 recomendado por Prince Lightskin (23/6/2017)

It was short match but it heated up fast. He can take just as much as he can dish out. Plus he's kind and friendly. Go ahead and try to take him i wish you luck...


Prosub JT recomendado por ChicagoWrestleguy (23/6/2017)

A bit delayed in posting this, but I met up with Prosub_JT after chatting with him for what seemed like forever. And it was great to throw on some speedos, talk some trash, sweat hard and wrestle harder.

Off the mats, this fella is a smart, very easy going, relatable, masculine guy. And during the match..he is very aggressive - in a totally fun (and safe) way. Prosub_JT has a great build with some great tattoos, a handsome face... and a heck of a headlock.

I had a very nice time with him, and I hope we can meet up again the next time I'm in DC or he makes his way to Chicago.


Prince Lightskin recomendado por Eagle2009 (23/6/2017)

Even tho was a short and last minute match. I had fun and he is nice, down to earth and really friendly. He can take a punch to his solid body and can easily give one. A fun match and def going to many more matches in the future


boddyprett1 recomendado por cuthbert44 (23/6/2017)

When I met Boddyprett1 we had an excellent and very close competitive match, which left me absolutely exhausted. I enjoyed chatting to him both before and after the match, we found several interests in common. He is a really nice guy and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our meeting.


DenverWrestler recomendado por Nakofi (23/6/2017)

Allen was a fierce opponent. He has absolutely powerful appendages, his arms and legs possess extreme strength. He has an incredibly lean, hard muscled body. DenverWrestler is twice my age but has twenty times the skill. He was a very accommodating host and he was easy to talk with, very friendly. It is no surprise that he is the most wrestled guy on this site.


Lucho Palermo recomendado por greycoyote (23/6/2017)

Tuvimos una lucha divertida y bien erótica. Se respetó lo que establecimos al comienzo y se tenían ganas de aprender y probar nuevas cosas de ambas partes.


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