ghostblinks recomendado por Alex le Russe (17/1/2017)

Un adversaire Fantastique tout leger mais si surprenant
Agile et évanescent comme une pieuvre !
Il est redoutable et j espère vraiment le retrouver au tapis Tres vite !


Londonpino recomendado por geminiwrestler (17/1/2017)

I wrestled Nic some months back and have to say he is a big strong guy with probably the best chest I've seen in a long time..

We did some competitive subs which was really good and some give and take to check out holds... he is a strong guy and with more technique will be a force on the mats.

Off the mats he is a really cool guy who is a pleasure to know.. would fight him anytime I got the chance...


Vitoria44 recomendado por Morrosko (17/1/2017)

Aunque le doblo en peso me ha dominado todo el tiempo con una "llave" que tiene de lo más eficaz. Además es una persona muy simpática y agradable. Lo recomiendo sin reserva.


mikeswuk recomendado por wrestlingnovice (17/1/2017)

well worth a wrestle with Mike


pshawfocus recomendado por hantsgut (17/1/2017)

Wow what an awesome guy - Pshawfocus can take some impressive gut attack :)
From punches knees elbows, free standing, against a wall, lying on the floor, stretched out over a footrest, hanging from a bar. You can look right into his eyes while you deliver the blows and he doesn't flinch. Mostly.

Added to that he is easy to meet up with, on time, very friendly, straight to the point, and you can quickly work out what his buttons are so he makes a great gut punch toy. Hes got lots of ideas and a few accessories to add to the mix, listen to what he's telling you to get the best out of him.

You can make him weak at the knees, but you have to find that button for yourself.

He gives it back well too, plenty of power, knows where to strike and will adjust it to your level so there is no worry about feeling out of your depth.

I would definitely have another go of Pshawfocus but ill need to strengthen my resistance to give him a good match.


Dascoboxer recomendado por FRENCHGLADIATOR (17/1/2017)

Si vraiment vous aimez la boxe, la boxe thai, le MMA, alors rencontrez ce fighter
C'est un vrai male qui veut gagner sa domination aux poings
Il y une bonne technique et un bon équilibre en déplacement sur ses cuisses puissantes
Dommage que l endroit de notre combat était bien trop petit; mais on va remettre ça car entre nous il ne peut y avoir qu un seul male dominant
Il aimerait , et moi aussi rassembler une petite equipe de boxeurs pour organiser un tournoi , avis aux amateurs!


Ghjghj recomendado por NYleanmuscle (17/1/2017)

Strong young wrestler here. Though he is learning, he knows more than he does:) If I did not have a weight advantage on him, our match might have resulted differently. Excellent shape....great stamina and easy to communicate with. I just wish time was not a factor. We both agreed next time it will be longer for sure. Terrific wrestler here.


Steeleyes recomendado por Ted Chackry (17/1/2017)

We met at my friend The Wriggler`s and did some play wrestling; he is a novice but if you are after a good, friendly humoured bout. He is your man. He is entirely safe and sane. And I hope to wrestle him again soon.


ghdh20 recomendado por Blaster (17/1/2017)

Would recommend ghdh20 he is a very strong Jobber who can take a good work over and come back for more. He is also a great guy to sit and talk with I look forward to another match when he comes back to visit.


lostmacvin7 recomendado por Blaster (17/1/2017)

Would recommend lostmacvin he is a very strong great wrestler knows his moves I look forward to another match soon.


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