LycraMuscles recomendado por RISLEEPMAN (25/7/2017)

I met with this man twice and he is the strongest and most powerful man! He put me in good tight bearhugs and sleeperholds! Nice guy but very good at making me feel the holds! I highly recommend him!!!


RassleNYC recomendado por toro (25/7/2017)

RassleNYC is muscular hairy stud–a very tough and strong wrestler, and a lot of fun to fight. We were completely drenched in sweat and very slippery, which made the fight more challenging and interesting. He's sexy, intelligent, determined, skilled, and hates to lose, so it was definitely a good time. Highly recommended!


Freestylefighter recomendado por battlefox (25/7/2017)

Great guy i finished my wrestling trip to Koln with. He was very patient and nice when i didn't have a lot of time left. After we were inside, we talked a bit and than we had a very good roll on the mats. He really makes you feel comfortable on the mats but yet is more than ready to deliver some topnotch wrestling. Had a great time showing off some moves and skills.
Even though the time was way too short, i'm more than sure that he and i will have much more action in the future with longer fights.


Noby recomendado por battlefox (25/7/2017)

One of the most skilled fighters i ever fought. He is very fast, strong and adaptable. We have similar stats but he is cleary the better wrestler. Nice to fight with and he has a amazing focus which he uses more than once to show off his strength on my body and foremostly on my abs which took a good beating :). Further he was a amazing host and one of the nicest persons i ever met. Hope to get to rematch him over and over again until i finally can make a dent in his rockhard body.


Bigman1983 recomendado por celibataire (25/7/2017)

bigman 1983 is a real big guy. he has great techniques(compared wirh me)! and its also a great fun to chat with him. but he is always too busy and we have only met once


mec590208 recomendado por g6fighter (25/7/2017)

Seit über einem Jahr sind wir im Kontakt und nun konnten wir uns am Anfang Deiner Reise durch Deutschland treffen.
Dir fehlt noch die Erfahrung, aber Du bist ein freundlicher, leidenschaftlicher und starker Kämpfer, der mehr als nur spielen kann. Es hat mir große Freude bereitet, mit Dir spielerisch zu kämpfen und dabei Deine Kraft zu spüren.
Dein Deutsch mit einen wunderschönen französischen Akzent ist exzellent. Respekt!
Danke für den wunderbaren Kampfabend. Ich kann Dich weiter empfehlen.

Depuis plus d'un an, nous sommes en contact et nous pourrions nous rencontrer au début de votre voyage à travers l'Allemagne.
Il vous manque encore l'expérience, mais vous êtes un combattant amical, passionné et forte qui peut jouer plus que juste. Il m'a donné un grand plaisir à se battre avec vous et espièglerie sentir votre force.
Votre Allemand avec un bel accent français est excellent. Respect!
Merci pour la lutte merveilleuse nuit. Je peux vous recommander.


French Novice recomendado por celibataire (25/7/2017)

David is a great guy, friendly and polite. he had taught me some useful techniques and I do appreciate that. hope to meet him again soon.


tansko recomendado por RassleNYC (25/7/2017)

Like his profile says, he likes it safe, sane, and fierce. Fantastic shape, muscular body, and a very skilled submission wrestler. Every minute was a fun challenge, and I'd enthusiastically wrestle him again. Full recommendations!


toro recomendado por RassleNYC (25/7/2017)

Toro is an amazing muscular and furry wrestler. He has a great mat setup, and was a ton of fun on them. Very skilled and sexy, I would have another match with him in a heartbeat.


quadi1 recomendado por battlefox (25/7/2017)

To start with, this guy is the first ever opponent i met that is younger than me. Giving that i'm on the site for 5 years now makes that a special thing. But it is not the only thing special about the meeting. He has a nice drive to perform and improve his skills. He doesn't give easy and makes wrestling real fun. Outside the wrestling room he is very talkative and ready and very eager to help and show you around. It was a nice weekend and i'm sure more will follow. He is a good friend to have. and a very nice wrestler to beat.


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