vj777 recomendado por jakwrestler (25/5/2019)

I met vj777 when he was in town, it was very short notice, but really worth the experience. He is strong and really knows his stuff. It was really great match.

Off the mats, he is really nice and friendly guy. So, dont miss the chance to meet him if he is around.


pshawfocus recomendado por joncw8 (25/5/2019)

Good guy who totally matches his profile interests. Very good meet


MFO20 recomendado por Punchbagplz (25/5/2019)

É um lutador forte e resistente. Tive uma boa experiência com ele. Foi fácil de combinar nossa luta. Respeitou todos meu limites. Recomendo a todos da comunidade


Punchbagplz recomendado por MFO20 (25/5/2019)

Que gran oponente. Tuvimos una lucha hasta el cansancio. Fuera del tatami( colchón) una gran persona. Recomedable


smoothfitatl recomendado por Marylands Best (25/5/2019)

I really enjoyed this match. Smoothfitatl bikes 20 miles everyday and it really shows in his thighs. He Introduced me to CBT and took it slow and built up and up until I couldn't take anymore, then it was my turn. I am astonished at what this guy can handle. The more I made it hurt the more he liked it. For the first time I really enjoyed being a heel and can't wait to do it again.
I highly recommend smoothfitatl. He Is in VERY good shape and a very nice person on and off the mat. Very intelligent too and surprised me by learning some holds via email and me taking him through some holds step by step. Then I planned on showing him the holds in person but he just applied the holds on me with no hesitation as if he had been wrestling for years..
This guy has the best legs. His thighs to die for. I really can't say enough good things about this guy. He is all muscle and very little body fat. if any.
We will be wrestling again for sure.


Ivan 1606 recomendado por himichael321 (25/5/2019)

very nice and sexy fighter.
love those hot erotic moves and fun talk afterward
def will rematch regularly, highly recommended!


antibody recomendado por Boston Stud (25/5/2019)

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Antibody for a fun submission match. He is very skilled and took the time to show me a few maneuvers, I returned the favor with a few headscissors. Naturally, I had a great time and would highly recommend Antibody to anyone looking for a challenge.


gymrat recomendado por Challenge3 (25/5/2019)

Gymrat and I been working on this match for a little while. he is very well built, better than the pictures. Strong, fast and I found myself on the defensive rather quickly. I found a great opponent who also enjoyed testing his abs. we did a good bit of testing each others core. His abs are very solid and I could tell by the thuds they made when hit and hit my fists were stopped on impact. Gymrat is a good conversationist as well as a tough fighter. It was a good time getting plenty of exercise and meeting a man who takes his exercising very seriously. Look forward to another match. He is the real deal.


Challenge3 recomendado por gymrat (25/5/2019)

Challenge3 is exactly what he claims to be; Skilled although not an expert, really into gut punching and body blows, and most importantly, up for real competition. He enjoys the fight, and enjoys the exercise, and is at all times safe and considerate.

Did i mention he has some tough abs!? Really tough. ...And he's inventive in ways to test how tough he is, and how tough you are. Stretched. Crunched. Against a wall. Planked.

Not only did we exchange blows, in a structured and fair way, but we wrestled - basically on and off (blows and grappling) for over an hour and a quarter, really working up some sweat and exercise. He works hard, defends strongly and goes for it.

I arrived in a bad state of mind (nothing to do with him), and left refreshed, if a bit sore having met a solid guy and received a dose of adrenaline. that's a very good thing. Thanks.


Welsh-dragon recomendado por ImtiazAli (25/5/2019)

Met at ukpitbull's second group meet (Saturday 23 January 2015).

He is very very strong. We did some pro-wrestling and I remember trying to do a boston crab on him and couldn't get him to turn around!

Enthusiastic guy.