michaelwood recomendado por Biff Kerpow (22/2/2017)

Awesome guy and great fighter with a very solid, hot body; He was ready to go into action at a moment's notice. If you take him on, do not underestimate the power of his body punches or how much he can take. Ultimate fighting pleasure experience with both of us sore and bruised after many gloved rounds.


Bernardo Tutti recomendado por Touro Lutador (22/2/2017)

Broder, bom de briga!
Vai ter revanche. 👊


newwrestle recomendado por redlandguy (22/2/2017)

Strong beginner with good instincts and very keen to learn – he would be great in a Bjj class.

2017 update: He keeps learning, and I can see him adapting to techniques in one session of grappling. This guy could make it to black belt if he trains hard!

Hope to see you again soon.


vicj81 recomendado por JMM (22/2/2017)

I had a great time with this hot little jobber. He has a lot of stamina, put up a great fight. Also a great guy off the mat. Hope I get a rematch. If you get a chance to wrestle him take it you won't be disappointed.


SpandexWrestler recomendado por Albertoalverez (22/2/2017)

Fun guy. very cool guy to get to know and wrestle.


RNC23 recomendado por spladle2submission (22/2/2017)

So I finally met with J, and we had a great time. He is a good man, good wrestler and someone I want to wrestle again and have some more fun. If I have to give one warning, be careful of his legs...strong legs. I look forward to another wrestling match soon.


rasslin bodybuilder recomendado por hafeezu wrestler (22/2/2017)

This guy is definitely a body builder. Such a nice thick build. Very respectful and looks hot in is posers. Will dominate him afain. Good wrestling teacher also. Wish to meet him again.


minebuster recomendado por wreslbear (22/2/2017)

Minebuster is strong and safe. Had a great match with this very friendly guy. Add him to your list if you can!


Eagle2009 recomendado por nycguy86 (22/2/2017)

Through the vicissitudes of wrestlefest, we had an impromptu match, and it was quite fun. We both fought hard, but I eked out the victory.


wrestlersp recomendado por Bernardo Tutti (22/2/2017)

lutador grande forte, pesado, muito bom em golpes de imobilização, boa técnica


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