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Wrestle4Fun 27 minutos atrás

Post gym flex

Watched 18 times.
[5] (1 votos)
knight1701 3 horas atrás

Wrestling match

Watched 72 times.
[4_5] (21 votos)
BWS 1 dias atrás

Doing some trash talking

Watched 147 times.
[5] (47 votos)
bowolverine 2 dias atrás

Submission wrestling

Watched 1004 times.
[5] (16 votos)
Biology Grappler 2 dias atrás

triple submission drill tutorial.

Watched 422 times.
[3_5] (7 votos)
Pettocontropetto 3 dias atrás

Muscles on August 2019

Watched 223 times.
[5] (27 votos)
FinnNorbert 3 dias atrás

Submission Fight

Watched 795 times.
[3] (30 votos)
midwestheel 4 dias atrás

Me bearhugging the life out of an opponent.

Watched 679 times.
[5] (28 votos)
Iwreslinca 4 dias atrás

Multi-step drill incorporating several BJJ submissions

Watched 552 times.

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2019 Summer Update

It's been a while since our last update, but that doesn't mean that our team of code warriors were resting! No! They were fighting hard to bring you even more stuff to help you find your perfect matches!


Brand New Chat

Our good old Kiwi chat has long been wrestling with your online needs, occasionally getting knocked out by your relentless attacks. But now there is a new contender in town: we are introducing our new Beta Chat!

The goal was to fix some of the pain point of the previous chat and bring a better, more modern experience. You can connect simultaneously from all your devices, seamlessly switching between the small screen of your phone to your tablet or computer. The chat will retain your rooms and private conversations, even if your connection drops or your browser dies on you. It is our hope that it can keep you going even on a limited internet connection.

Better site integration lets you share your pictures, use your webcam and add favorites directly. (Blocking and reporting members is just as easy, if you must.) You can configure the font size and your color to your liking, and share our new Fightmojis in your private conversations or rooms.

Speaking of rooms, you can easily create as many of those as you like. Your rooms can be public and open to anyone, or invitation only. Your rooms and private conversations remain alive even if you leave the chat and come back within a day!

For improved privacy, other members can no longer see your internet connection details.


New Privacy Settings, and Terms of Service update

Even fighters need their privacy. To help you give your stalkers that much needed punch in the gut, we present you with some new privacy controls.

On the Preferences page, you can now suppress any or all of the login, birthday and profile update notifications that your fans are getting.

We have also taken new measures to combat online stalking. Blocking someone will hide all your activity from their sight. This includes your online status, your presence in search results and any past opponent lists and recommendations.

To further protect your privacy, events that happened in the past are now hidden from profile pages. (You can still review event participation on the individual event pages.)

Furthermore, unregistered site visitors will not see your online presence anymore. As previously, you can choose to restrict your profile page from unregistered visitors, including search engines such as Google.

Additionally, there are some minor changes to our Terms of Service:

  • §1 explicitly mentions that members must 18 years or older. This was previously only covered on our registration page.
  • §2 has been clarified to state that hate speech and racism are forbidden in all public and private interactions on the site.
  • §3 clarifies what is and isn't covered by our civil code of conduct.

Please review the first three articles of the Terms of Service page for yourself. Your continued use of the site is, as usual, taken as your implicit agreement. If you disagree with the changes, you can terminate your account at any time.


Translators, Supporter and Donors

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Talented Team of Translators and Super Squad of Site Supporters! Without your efforts, none of the localized editions of MeetFighters would be possible. As always, we are eternally* grateful to our Devoted Donors.

Speaking of which, if you are Talented in Thai, Proficient in Polish, Incredible in Italian or Skilled in Swedish, please apply here to become a translator. New languages are also very welcome: get in touch with us and we will make it happen.

And now happy fighting, and may the better warrior win, like that guy on the right, pictured below.


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