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[4_5] (29 votos)
ComeAtme21 1 dias atrás

Double team

Watched 603 times.
[5] (23 votos)
OttBattle 1 dias atrás

Ground work ending with full boston

Watched 405 times.
[4_5] (22 votos)
mtemp 1 dias atrás

back pain and neck pain....

Watched 445 times.
[5] (17 votos)
ShockR 3 dias atrás

ShockR vs Torrnado

Watched 616 times.
[5] (14 votos)
bailey 3 dias atrás

Bailey v Torrnado, Pippa's May 2018, round 2

Watched 299 times.
[4_5] (31 votos)
Torrnado 4 dias atrás

ShockR receives a wrestling lesson from Torrnado

Watched 561 times.
[3_5] (19 votos)
latinoHT 4 dias atrás

Hotel match

Watched 522 times.
[4_5] (39 votos)
Rassle4Fun 5 dias atrás

Submission match

Watched 830 times.
[4_5] (16 votos)
bowolverine 5 dias atrás

Chest workout

Watched 286 times.

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Last Call for Comments on the New Chat

Hello Fighters,

This is the last call for comments and bug reports on the new chat! The old browser chat is going away, it will not be kept as an option, so please take a minute or two to try the new chat and make sure that it is functioning correctly on your device. I want your comments now, and not after it is deployed and you go "Oh, but it's not working for me, you ruined my internets forever!!11"'.

So what has changed?

  • The avatar pictures on the user list are back. (This was the most requested feature in the previous round.)
  • Some profile info (stats, location and introduction) are shown when you click on a user from the list.
  • Photo sharing is completed. To share a photo with another chatter, start a conversation with them, then find the photo icon near the top right, and then either click on one of your existing photos, or upload a new one to share it instantly.
  • Experimental webcam support. The web-based technologies (that is, those that work without the miasma that is Flash) for video are here, but support for them is spotty. Most notably, the technology will not work with Internet Explorer, and is only available with the newest version of Safari.
  • Choose between modern and classic look. If you want the message list without the avatar pictures, click on the cogwheel icon near the top left of the screen and then check "Traditional IRC layout".
  • Worked around an issue in iOS Safari that would prevent the message sound from playing properly. I would like to make a note here that developing for any Apple product is hell on Earth.

– Admin

Última edição em 16/1/2018 08:09 por Admin; 56 comentário(s);
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