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Love wrestling for body contact. Up for sub matches ( have trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ) or exchanging holds or wrestling for fun, schoolboy style.

I have a boyfriend so not looking for anything sexual. Thanks.



  1. Reino Unido, Watford
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Altura / Peso

Idade: 44 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 185 cm, 90 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: Inglês, Português

Vestuário: Speedos, Briefs, Shorts

Olímpica / Greco-Romana Olímpica / Greco-Romana
Submission Submission

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SPWrestler recomendado por David97

It was an incredible experience to fight SPwrestler and his friend. It was two hours of training and erotic wrestling very intense and enjoyed. He is a good teacher, educated, knows how to direct the fight in his favor and finally a horny guy :P. I had the opportunity to learn new scapes and the challenge of fighting with heavier people. I am very grateful for everything and I hope we meet each other another time. Recommended, I loved fighting with SPWrestler.



David97 recomendado por SPWrestler

We met up as part of a 3 way BJJ session. Despite being 20 Kgs lighter than me and the other guy he was up for the challenge and full of energy. Determined and tough ....the 3 of us we had a great Gi session. Really nice guy. Glad he got to train with us during his holiday in London. Definitely recommended.



SPWrestler recomendado por Grakoda

SP was so gracious in coordinating an awesome bout - So friendly and knowledgeable. He has great training and seemed to always know where to land, tuck, hold, or turn. He was a great at teaching and encouraging and even better at making me tap. He's strong, wears his gear well, and all around nice guy. Can't wait for the next bout.



Grakoda recomendado por SPWrestler

Met up with Gradoka in South London. Very hot day but 4 of us had a great wrestle. Gradoka is a great guy, keen and friendly. Much stronger than he looks and keen to get stuck in. We had a few 1 on 1 battles and he worked hard and will be awesome when he picks up some more moves. Looking forward to testing him again when he's next over!



SPWrestler recomendado por latinwrestler

I met and wrestled SPwrestler during my London visit; we had a competitive submission match where he showed a lot of technique from his BJJ background and tons of stamina, I also have to add his pictures does not do him justice, I have lots of fun. Outside the mat he is super nice and a true gentleman, I am looking forward to a second match!!



latinwrestler recomendado por SPWrestler

Met this big man the other day while he was in London. Great physique, very muscular arms/legs. He is a strong guy and knows how to wrestle. We had a good sub match and I would definitely recommend him. Great guy off the mats too. Looking forward to a rematch.



alexxwrestler recomendado por SPWrestler

Met Alex the other day. He is a very strong guy for his size. Amazingly strong thighs. He loves to scissor you and be scissored! Great physique and endless energy. Had a great time wrestling this guy and would definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler recomendado por scotsgrappler

Skilled, fast, thoughtful and generous with his time and expertise. A really nice man who clearly enjoys his wrestling and makes for good company.



SPWrestler recomendado por fightwell

SPWrestler is a skilled and strong wrestler as well as very friendly. Had a good 2 hour wrestle and was virtually impossible to submit the entire time. Up for another meet again.



fightwell recomendado por SPWrestler

Met Fightwell yesterday for a match in London. Great guy. Easy to organise with, in holiday time and v friendly. He has great stamina as we wrestled almost non stop for 2 hours. Looking forward to a rematch soon. Definitely recommended.



SPWrestler recomendado por Cr-cb

We met up in London and had a really good time. SPWrestler is a nice, relaxed and a friendly guy. He is a great wrestler with amazing endurance and stamina. Also, he looks amazing in his gear. Definite recommendation, and looking forward to the rematch!



Cr-cb recomendado por SPWrestler

Met up today fairly last minute in London. Great guy, keen wrestler. Strong legs. I was a big opponent for him and he had to work very hard! Easy going guy and easy to organise meeting up. Looking forward to a re-match when he's back in London.



SPWrestler recomendado por Egyptian

I met SPWrestler in London,
He is an amazing wrestler, strong and technically great.

hope we can meet again



Egyptian recomendado por SPWrestler

Great guy. We wrestled a while ago so he's probably had chance to improve his skills. Easy to arrange a match with. Will catch up next time he's over here.



SPWrestler recomendado por Judomonkey

Strong, technical, fit, competitive, persistent, fights well... what more could you want? Oh yeah, good body... he has that too.
Real fun roll. Calm, no ego...
Good man to fight with.



Judomonkey recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a 4 way meet at wrestling ring in Grove Park. Judomonkey is a great guy. Strong, skilled and flexible. Great physique. Solid, muscular guy. More than a match for me! We had some long battles and he has great stamina. Definitely looking forward to wrestling him again soon.



SPWrestler recomendado por matchup

SPWrestler turned on time and was ready to roll. He was a real gent when grappling, not using his weight and strength advantage - rather letting the match flow back and forth in a very controlled and aware manner. In many ways he was a perfect opponent. He has the skills and the strength to be a formidable opponent but he goes at your pace. I cannot imagine any scenario in which you would regret wrestling with SPWrestler.



matchup recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a fun session with Matchup. He is a great guy, very friendly. He is a fair bit lighter than me but we had a fun grapple, exchanging holds and rolling together. He has plenty of stamina and skill. Definitely recommended.



SPWrestler recomendado por madridwrestler

He is an experienced grappler with a great physical and able to display great skills on mats. He can accommodate when wrestling a less experienced or lighter opponent and makes an enjoyable match for both though.

Off mats a friendly, easy going guy with a great personality. Definitely would love a longer match next time !



madridwrestler recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a great wrestle with Madridwrestler on Saturday. 4 of us went to the ring in Grove Park and mixed up the wrestling partners and kept changing. We had a few rounds together and is was great fun. He's a lovely guy, very friendly and organised. Good wrestler with plenty of stamina. Definitely recommended and will definitely meet up again.



SPWrestler recomendado por legin

Wrestled with SPWrestler a few times and everytime he brings it. He's a determined, knowledgeable and technically sound fighter, who has great stamina. I highly recommend him.



legin recomendado por SPWrestler

Met up with Legin and a few other guys at Walthamstow. He's a very strong with a great physique! Just getting into the wrestling but when he lands some techniques he's going to be formidable. Genuine guy. Definitely recommended.



SPWrestler recomendado por Superfly

Always a joy wrestling this skilled wrestler, as always i continue to stand no chance against him, seems he's got better. Continues to be safe n same, reliable and a good personality of the mats.

Had a great hot and sweaty bout today with Gary, very skilled, technical and had lots of stamina. I did not stand a chance. A great hot guy on and off the mats. Very reliable. Would def recommend him. Can't wait to wrestle him again.

Met SPWrestler again yesterday and had a great time with him. Continues to be skilled, Im still having no chance in trying to beat him. Seems more stronger from last time I met him. And continues to be a sexy guy both on and off the mats. Want to meet up more with him.



Superfly recomendado por SPWrestler

Latest meet with Superfly last weekend at Walthamstow with a few other guys. Always a pleasure to wrestle him. Strong, fit guy, whose control and technique are perfect. Always a big recommendation from me. Looking forward to out next match!

Met up with Superfly again. Was great to wrestle him for a second time. Have to say he's improved his physique noticeably! Strong and powerful, he's a great guy and very easy going. Bring on our next encounter.

Great opponent, strong and has loads of stamina. We wrestled for ages with only a few short breaks. Nice guy off the mat too, friendly and intelligent. Looking forward to wrestling him again.



SPWrestler recomendado por UKSubsFighter

A great guy on and off the mats. On them technical, skilled, strong and keeps going and going! Enjoyed both out matches so far and hoping they'll be more to follow! Definitely recommended!!



UKSubsFighter recomendado por SPWrestler

Latest encounter with John this time at Walthamstow with a couple of other guys. He's a great grappler, very skilled and real challenge. Always highly recommended.

Great guy very friendly, good wrestler, plenty of stamina. Made me work hard. Had 2 matches so far but will definitely fight him again!



SPWrestler recomendado por yueyang8530

What a lovely guy. Very nice of him to host. Got a great body and good techniques. Knows how to satisfy a guy who loves muscle worship. Can't wait to be taught some moves by him ;)



yueyang8530 recomendado por SPWrestler

Met up last minute for a fun wrestle / spar. Nice guy loves muscle worship. Was able to have fun wrestle. If he can pick up some moves technique he'll be a great wrestler.



SPWrestler recomendado por ts1976

I had an enjoyable, sweaty submission bout. Gary is a skilled wrestler, easy-going and accommodating - he has a great personality, and also interesting story about BJJ training in Brazil! Highly recommended. And looking forward to wrestling again.



ts1976 recomendado por SPWrestler

Just meet up for a sub' wrestle here in London. Great guy, easy to arrange things with. He's very keen and strong and took a lot to tap out. He's keen to improve his BJJ skills and then he'll be a force to be reckoned with! Great guy, definitely recommended and looking forward to wrestling again soon.



SPWrestler recomendado por brazilwrestler86

June 2016 - finally had a proper rematch against this powerful man and this time in a ring . The match sure reached highest levels of intensity and technicality , being a testament to our stamina and power ! We only had 3 rounds , though each of them lasting almost one hour !!!! Fully recommended and can't wait to fight him again !!!

August 2015 - Had a great match with this amazing fighter! Skilled , strong and loads of fun! Had a blast with him I an intense NHB match ! Amazing ! Fully recommended !



brazilwrestler86 recomendado por SPWrestler

June 2016 - Great to take on Ricardo again. He's much bigger and more musclar this time and is training loads. Great submission match against him. Very hard and sweaty! Definitely recommended and looking forward to next encounter!

Missed this guy in London but amazingly met him in Turkey. Strong , powerful opponent. Skilled and v determined. Had a great fight with him. Definitely looking forward to another encounter!



SPWrestler recomendado por Mad Grappler T

Strong BJJ fighter..
very good training.. his skills and attitude makes him almost one of the best BJJ fighters I met here...
we met couple of times and I got the chance to submit him some... but I still think he let me do it..
very nice guy on and off mats too



Mad Grappler T recomendado por SPWrestler

We've had some great battles over the years. He's a great guy and very skilled and strong and ultra determined. Despite being much lighter than me it's always very even. Definitely recommend taking him on if you are in Madrid. Awesome physique. Friendly off the mats.



SPWrestler recomendado por speedos wrestler

Had a match with SPWrestler on some mats. He is very tough and can dish out some moves. Highly recommended



speedos wrestler recomendado por SPWrestler

Met up with this guy for a great roll about. He's v fit, looks great in his gear and is v keen. Definitely strong for his size. Recommended.



SPWrestler recomendado por hardfitsub

SPW is good company and of course highly skilled from his BJJ training. A lovely relaxed wrestler he made sure we had a long sweaty bout despite the gulf in ability. Don't be put off if it takes some time to nail down a meet with him, it is worth the effort! A perfect way to christen my mats.



hardfitsub recomendado por SPWrestler

Met up with Hardfitsub with Perseus in Kent. Had a great round robin session ending with the two of them trying to submit me! Great fun, v friendly guy, great host and awesome mats and space to wrestle in. Definitely recommend the trip out there.



SPWrestler recomendado por 2011q

nice guy, great body highly recommend, look forward to meeting again if ever in area.



2011q recomendado por SPWrestler

Arranged to meet last minute. Great guy, easy going. Had fun, wrestle in hotel room. Strong guy. Definitely a good guy to meet in the NW.



wrestler251 recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a great wrestle with this guy. He's trained BJJ and we had a good roll together. Fun and friendly. Definitely a good guy.



SPWrestler recomendado por mehmetandme

it was a great time, lovely, sweet, handsome guy :) he's funny, enjoyable and easy guy, wanna meet again for sure with this smiley guy :) thanks for coming, and waiting for you here :)



mehmetandme recomendado por SPWrestler

I met Mehmet in Turkey where he lives/works. Great guy on and off the mats. He looked after me and took time to make me feel welcome. Strong, fit guy. Great physique. V determined. Loves choke holds. Had a great time wrestling with him and will definitely be meeting him again!



SPWrestler recomendado por razkal

I had the pleasure to meet SPWrestler over the weekend. Although he has much more experience on the mat than I have, he was more than happy to learn me the ropes. I had a very good time with this big guy, and I am looking forward to seeing him again. Definitely a recommendation!



razkal recomendado por SPWrestler

We met up for a fun wrestle. Razkal is a great guy, v friendly and was a great host. There is a big size difference between us so we traded holds and rassled around. Fun, enjoyable time with a fit guy. Definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler recomendado por slpt

Met Gary recently, during what was turning out to be a very disappointing weekend in London, with me having a nice big hotel room to wrestle but an appaling shortage of opponents. Talk about turning a frown upside down: we had a good, long sweaty match and he is just absolutely amazing! Very strong and muscular, quite skilled and devastatingly handsome on top of that. He was nice enough to even join me for dinner after the match, and talking to him is incredibly pleasant as he's very easy going and entertaining. A few hours with him made the whole trip worth it, recommend him a dozen times over! Obrigado por me encontrar amigão, foi tesão demais e já quero de novo ;D



slpt recomendado por SPWrestler

Met Bryan on his trip to London. Was great to meet him. A fun, friendly guy. We had a fun grapple in his hotel room. He's very keen and was a strong guy. Definitely love to wrestle him again! Obrigado!



SPWrestler recomendado por ukjobberlad

Great guy. Strong, skilled, friendly and welcoming. Has great stamina and energy to keep going without a break. Aching after our bout but thoroughly enjoyed it!



ukjobberlad recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a great wrestle with Jay. He's more into heel/jobber whereas I prefer sub matches but we managed somewhere in between. Strong guy with a great physique. Definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler recomendado por Hairylad

Met Gary last minute for a bout at his. Good teacher, knows his stuff - was able to pick up a few moves. Can imagine he makes a formidable opponent. Nice friendly bloke.



Hairylad recomendado por SPWrestler

Met Hairylad last minute at mine for a wrestle. Friendly guy and easy to arrange things with. He is a strong guy who clearly enjoys wrestling. Needs to pick up some techniques then he'll be dangerous. Great guy and worth a wrestle. Happy to recommend.



SPWrestler recomendado por Fitwres

Great host and technical wrestler. Sane and safe as well. We had some of my longest fought over rounds/ subs which left me - and I hope him - exhausted. Thanks, man!



Fitwres recomendado por SPWrestler

Met Fitwres tonight as a last minute thing. Great guy, easy to chat to and get on with. He is a fit, strong guy who has amazing stamina.He definitely made me work hard! Great, long, sweaty contest. Thoroughly recommend him. Looking forward to our next match,



SPWrestler recomendado por wrestled

Had a fun and energetic grapple with Gary recently. He was really easy to talk with and a tough workout. He knows his stuff and I would have no hesitations in recommending him.



wrestled recomendado por SPWrestler

We met up in Edinburgh recently for a wrestle. Great guy, very friendly and a great host. Nice wrestling space. Had a good time rolling with him and would definitely recommend.



SPWrestler recomendado por toonarmy

Had a good sweaty grapple - great wrestler - great build - sound bloke - comes highly recommended



toonarmy recomendado por SPWrestler

Met Chris the other day when he was down in London. Great guy, friendly and easy going. Strong and in shape he was great fun to wrestle with. Definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler recomendado por leofighters

What a man! Gary is an awesome guy .very easy going and was fun to wrestle. Even though he could sub me in about 5 seconds, he made it a great time,let me sub him once LOL .If he is in your city, reach out to him!Don't worry about size difference, take this guy on if you get a chance.Would love another match.



leofighters recomendado por SPWrestler

Met up with Leofighters the other day for a wrestle at mine. Had a great time with him. He's a fit, strong guy. V friendly and easy going. We had a more give and take match due to the size/skill difference but was great and would definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler recomendado por daniellibra1986

A real pleasure lad to wrestler with... And in strong build as well, I have a enjoyable time with him, will love to wrestler again in the future.

We have another hard sweating roll before I leave UK.. defo one of the best one... period.. hopefully next time we can train and roll with the kimono on

Oct 2014 - Meet again during my stay in London, roll with Gary never bored, with the BJJ experience which made our roll more interesting, less strength match but technique, almost like a free training session.

will be the friend for life, on and off from mats



daniellibra1986 recomendado por SPWrestler

Wrestled a bit with Daniel a few weeks ago and meeting him again soon. Great guy, training hard at BJJ. Friendly, reliable guy. Great fun to wrestle and spar with. Looking forward to our next meet.



SPWrestler recomendado por Perseus

After chatting for sometime we finally met and wrestled and it was as I expected an awesome meet. The guy is strong muscled skilled and pretty damn good looking too. The match ebbed and flowed for ages each guy reversing move after move until we were covered in sweat and then it was like oil wrestling. He's definitely up there with the best of them and I love the relaxed technical manner of our wrestle. Good banter and conversation after the match and apart from supporting the wrong side of north London he has my total recommendation and one not to miss if u get the chance.



Perseus recomendado por SPWrestler

Meet up with Perseus in Barnet. We had a great match. Long, hot, sweaty. He is a skilled guy, very strong and knows his holds/locks. Friendly, intelligent guy who I'd definitely recommend. Looking forward to a tag match with him + others soon.



SPWrestler recomendado por Wrestlebhoy

Met Gary at fairly short notice for a relaxed wrestle, I'm recovering from injury but was keen to meet while he was visiting. Really decent friendly guy, Masculine muscular physique, looking forward to meeting him again for sure so we can test each other more wrestling wise! I would highly recommend meeting Gary if you get the chance, I'm sure he won't disappoint



Wrestlebhoy recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a great, fun grapple in my hotel room. Steve is in great shape and was a great guy. Definitely looking forward to wrestling more next time! Give him a shout if you are up in Edinburgh!



SPWrestler recomendado por carioca fighter

after years of talking and knowing we are in, we had a great fight, because it is a very tough opponent for sure when I can I will go to London for a new fight.



carioca fighter recomendado por SPWrestler

Met up with Douglas yesterday in Rio. We've chatted for years but this was our first wrestle. Great guy, strong, fast and determined. We had a great wrestle and he was friendly and helpful off the mats. Waiting for the return match in London!



SPWrestler recomendado por Hunnog

I very much enjoyed wrestling him because he is big, heavy, strong and he knows how to wrestle. So it was a real challenge. He has very good mats and he is a very nice guy. Was a all round enjoyable morning and a perfect workout. Looking forward to meeting him again.



Hunnog recomendado por SPWrestler

Awesome guy, very skilled and strong. Great physique too. Knows his BJJ / grappling well and really made me work. Definitely meet up next time he's in the UK.



SPWrestler recomendado por Jay219

really looking forward to this match with Gary as he's highly recommended, and i can see why. He is a very strong and skilled fighter that gave me a hell of a challenge. most surprising thing about the match was the amount of sweat. was like wrestling in oil and became more about who could hold on the other the longest. such a great match over all and highly recommend a match with him to everyone. cant wait for a re-match.



Jay219 recomendado por SPWrestler

Met Jay the other day for a wrestle. Great guy, skilled grappler, great physique. Good fun on and off the mats. Had a great time with him and would definitely meet him again. Thoroughly recommended.



SPWrestler recomendado por Mark uk

16 Nov 13. Last minute meet and as always he never disappoints. One of the best around to fight and just a perfect host. Loved it again and look forward to the next already. Outstanding...

6 Oct 12. My 3rd meet with Gary today and yet again it was hot, sweaty and outstanding. Always a must on anyones London roster. 16 July. Just another awesome meet. 31 Jan. Was in the area and took my chance that Gary and I could meet. Was my lucky day and we finally fit the mats. Great wrestle and matched each other well. Great body and strong guy. Looking forward to a rematch very soon. mark



Mark uk recomendado por SPWrestler

Always great to meet up and wrestle with Mark. Very strong, skilled guy. Def a man to meet if you can. Great to meet up with Mark. Had a great wrestle. He's a great guy, very strong and skilled wrestled. Definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler recomendado por StrikeFighter

Strong, skilled, easy to hook up and get on with: not a whole lot more a serious fighter can ask for. Epic match!



StrikeFighter recomendado por SPWrestler

Great guy, very strong and energetic. We had a great wrestle. Polite guy and very easy to get on with, on and off the mats. Def want to wrestle him again.



SPWrestler recomendado por BEEFBOY31

Very strong and extremely well trained
made short work of me in a "proper" BJJ roll ;-)
great guy very cool
strongly recommend him



BEEFBOY31 recomendado por SPWrestler

Met Beefboy31 twice while he was over. Once for a fun wrestle in his hotel room then again for a more full on wrestle on the mats. Thoroughly enjoyed both matches. Great guy, very strong and competitive but respectful. Interesting, intelligent guy too. Definitely meet him again when he is next over.



Zenox210 recomendado por SPWrestler

Meet Zenox the other day for a match. He is a big, strong guy. Still a novice technically but will be an awesome wrestler one day. Great guy. Reliable and friendly. Definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler recomendado por groznij

With no doubt one of my very top experiences - great guy and strong wrestler. We were very well matched and I just hope the neighbours below didn't think there was flooding - just us sweating like crazy in a competitive tough but friendly encounter. I just wish it lasted longer :) Thanks Gary and I hope to meet you soon again!



groznij recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a great match with Leo. As he said it was a very sweaty match but an even bout which was really enjoyable. Definitely looking forward to wrestling him again and would definitely recommend him!



SPWrestler recomendado por GreekFighter

He is one of the best wrestlers/fighters I've ever met. Skilled, strong, great stamina. Also a great guy, a very nice and kind person on and off the mats. Definitely look forward to meeting him again. I suggest you do the same. He is one of the few really really... really good exceptions on this site.



GreekFighter recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a great match in Athens with Nikos. He's a great guy, awesome physique and a skilled wrestler/BJJ guy. He was great fun to take on and a very intelligent, genuine guy too. Definitely recommend him and looking forward to our next match!



SPWrestler recomendado por extreme7

He is a strong man. He is very friendly. It was a great fight. We measured forces and we are similar. I recommend him.



extreme7 recomendado por SPWrestler

Great guy, friendly and strong. We had a good wrestle. Would definitely wrestle him again!
Just met up with Frank again for a rematch. It was great to wrestle him again. He is much bigger and stronger than before. Great physique! Big arms! Really enjoy grappling with him and would always recommend him.



ldnmuscle recomendado por SPWrestler

Had a great wrestle with ldnmuscle! Fit, strong guy with a great physique. When he's improved his technical skills he'll be an awesome wrestler. Nice guy too. Polite and intelligent. Definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler recomendado por 1try2pinme8

It took us nearly a year to arrange a grapple but it was definitely worth the wait. Gary is a super strong guy who knows his ju-jitsu. As such he had an answer for pretty much anything I threw at him. Of course it helped that he is probably the sweatiest guy I ever wrestled. Super sexy and very nice on and off the mats, I had one of the best and most fun matches ever.



1try2pinme8 recomendado por SPWrestler

We had a great match. He is a big, strong guy and knows how to wrestle. If was definitely a hot, sweat match! Good fun though. Ackim is a nice, friendly guy and good to get our match arranged finally!



SPWrestler recomendado por vfitniceguy

great guy, reliable, measured but with plenty of strength!
manly and super nice as well, hope to fight him again soon!



SPWrestler recomendado por Blackuk

Lovely, friendly guy off the mats. Strong, fit, athleic body with lots of stamina. Our match turned out to be a long, hard, sweaty one. Highly recommend him.



Blackuk recomendado por SPWrestler

Really great guy. Wrestles well and very strong. Had a good, long, sweaty match with him. Really enjoyed it. Recommend him.