Ricotewrestler recomendado por 2toughwrestlers in 1 team (02/7/2013)

Pedro is probably the more powerful wrestler I ever met !
He is very skilled. Very technical. Knows a lot of BJJ and classical wrestling.

And submitting him is so difficult avoiding the word impossible.

He is really kind and have a great respect of his opponent !
So highly recomanded !

Don t hesitate to meet him if you cross his way !


Ricotewrestler recomendado por wrestler122001 (02/7/2013)

Pedro is united champion of fight( very technical.

Powerful and strong he is formidable in the fight on the ground and on the bearhug.

And in addition tres kind person(and sympathetic.
A pleasure to meeting him a another session


Noby recomendado por bubble13 (02/7/2013)

On a scale of 10 points, I would give 15 :)

Our match was great fun and I'm already looking forward to our next encounter


eranli recomendado por Wrestleboyjoey (02/7/2013)

He is a nice guy – and it was fun to roll around in his place.


Toppler recomendado por speedowrestle (02/7/2013)

Enjoyed a hotel match with Toppler today. It was hot, sweaty match on a sunny day. Toppler is in great shape and has a lot of experience, which he was generous enough to share. (He is also fast, so don't blink...). Afterwards I was lucky enough to enjoy a beer and some interesting conversation too. Sorry that you missed your train though!!!


ulises007 recomendado por wrestlingkit (01/7/2013)

Tuve un gran encuentro de lucha con ulises007, incluso habiendo hecho un viaje transoceánico y haber tenido multiples combates, el tío es capaz de seguir con mucha energía y luchar round tras round y ofrecer un buen combate. Gracias por todo tío, espero algun día repetir. Fuerte abrazo

I had a really good wrestling session with ulises007, even having a transoceanic trip and lot of wrestling bouts later on here, he is able to be full of energy and give you a good wrestling match..for everything thanks a lot mate, I hope we can have a rematch someday...Huge hug mate!!!


Cirrolis recomendado por trent1978 (01/7/2013)

Would def recommend. Small but tough. Had a great time. Need a rematch!


Wrestlerfun recomendado por Zibi (01/7/2013)

I have met Marcingryf the other day.
Great guy to wrestle - strong, determined and doesn't give up easily.Highly recommended on and off the mat.
Can't wait for the next match up with him!


matworkout recomendado por Kane78 (01/7/2013)

Dom is a genuine and nice guy and it was a lot of fun to grapple with him. Don't miss it, if you have the chance to get on the mats with him!


MikeUK recomendado por ozboxer (01/7/2013)

Thank you Mike,
It has been a few years, but we got back together again, and had a great match.
Mike is the perfect host and a charming man, who obviously loves boxing. We had many rounds of sparring, he keep on coming, he does not back down, and will give and take a good punch. A real pleasure and I look forward to our next match. Recommend totally!!!